Pregnant Test

All You Need to Know About Pregnant Test

When you are trying to conceive, often you are eager to know whether you were successful or not, as soon as possible. If you want to know immediately if you are pregnant, than you are out of luck as there is no such method available but science has reduced the waiting time from the first day you miss your period to seven to ten days after ovulation. There are home pregnant tests available in the market, which can tell you if you are pregnant. I am Katherine R.Atamb and I have research and put together important information on pregnant test for your convenience.

Working of Pregnancy Test

The home pregnancy test indicates pregnancy by detecting the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone produced after implantation of fertilization of egg, in your urine. The hormone, also known as pregnancy hormone, is produced by cells developed in the placenta. The concentration of hCG increases in your body rapidly, doubling in quantity every 48-72 hours. Once the amount of the hormone reaches a certain level, it can be detected by the test, showing a positive result. In fact, there are tests available which can also indicate the number of weeks since conception.

Accuracy of Pregnancy Test

When you are testing for pregnancy, it is obvious that you want to be certain. You don’t want to suffer through a false negative and the disappointed associated with it only to find out that it was unnecessary. Usually, most tests claim an accuracy of over 99 percent, meaning that you can use them on the first day of your missed period or sooner. However, studies have found that most of these tests are not sensitive enough to provide you with an accurate result at that point. Hence, if you can be patient enough to wait a week after your expected period, you can get the most accurate result. In case, you are unable to wait you can use the test as early as seven to ten days after ovulation, but prepare yourself that you may get a false negative.

Sensitivity of Pregnancy Test

It is not an easy task to choose a pregnancy test, which can accurately tell you if you are pregnant. There are new products coming out frequently with improvements. The preferred way to choose a product is to check for the test’s sensitivity indicated on the packaging. Sensitivity of the test is the lowest concentration of hCG in milli-International Units per milliliter (mIU/ml) that the test can detect in your urine. The test that is claiming to detect hCG at 20 mlU/ml is more sensitive than the one claiming to detect 40 mlU/ml.

Using of Pregnancy Test

You should always check the expiration date on the package, especially if you have had it for a while. Often, pregnancy test deteriorates when kept in warm or moist places such as bathroom. There is no point using an expired test if you really want to know if you are pregnant. It is recommended to use the test in the morning, as your urine is most concentrated after you wake up. Always read the directions properly and carefully as they vary from brand to brand. Moreover, the tests also vary in the way they display results. The information on how to understand the results is enclosed with the test.

In conclusion, home pregnant test are convenient way to determine if you have conceived or not but you should always keep a margin of error in mind. In case you don’t get your periods after testing, you should try again in few days. Every woman’s body and mensuration cycle is different, hence the time required to indicate pregnancy also varies.

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