Pregnant and Sex

The Common Concerns on Being Pregnant and Sex

When you are trying to get pregnant, you are having frequent sex especially when you are ovulating. But once you are pregnant, it is often unclear as where the sex stands. There are women who are least concern with sex during pregnancy due to nausea, fatigue and vomiting. While there are women whose sex drive may increase during pregnancy. There is a compartmentalization in men as well; some find their pregnant partner sexy while others are too afraid to hurt their pregnant partner or baby to enjoy sex. There may be many questions in your mind about being pregnant and sex. In this blog written by me, Katherine R.Atamb, has provided answers to the common questions about sex during pregnancy.

Is Sex During Sex Safe?

If you are having a normal pregnancy, it is safe to have sex up to the time your water breaks or you go into labor. Contrary to the obvious consumption, you won’t hurt your baby by having sex during pregnancy. The amniotic sac and the muscles of the uterus are strong enough to protect your baby. The thick mucus plug sealing your cervix protect against infection. Orgasm can cause mild contractions in the uterus, but it is nothing to be alarmed about, as they usually are temporary and harmless. However, if there are complications in your pregnancy, you may need to abstain from sex for part or all of your pregnancy. You should always consult with your gynecologist on whether it is safe to have sex.

Is Sex During Pregnancy Different?

There are increased chances that you will find sex different during pregnancy. Some women have reported it to be more pleasurable, at least at times, while others find it less satisfying. Basically, what happens is that the increased blood flow to the pelvic area can cause enlargement of the genitals, which in turn heightened sensation. As a result, sex becomes more pleasurable during pregnancy. In addition, you may have increased moistness which also makes sex more pleasurable.  On the other hand, the engorged genitals may give you an uncomfortable feeling, hence reducing the associated pleasure. The mild cramps and contraction during sex can also contribute to reduced pleasure.

During pregnancy, your breast may feel tender and extremely sensitive to touch, especially in the first trimester. The tenderness usually subsides as you enter into your second trimester, but the breasts remain sensitive to touch during the entire pregnancy. The increased sensitivity is a turn on for some people while a turn off for others. Always discuss with your partner if you feel uncomfortable and consider other erotic activities.

Are There Any Preferred Sex Position during Sex

There are no specific positions for sex during pregnancy. As long you are comfortable, most positions are fine. However, as you grow larger, you may need to adjust your positions according. The traditional position of your partner on the top may not work as well as it is often uncomfortable for the women. You can experiment, such as lie on top of your partner or lie next to him. Indulge your creative side to find the positions that work for you and your partner to maintain mutual pressure.

Can Miscarriage be caused by Sex?

It is a concern shared by many couples that sex during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. If you also have this concern, don’t as sex does not cause miscarriage. Early miscarriage is caused by chromosomal abnormalities or other problems in the development of baby and not by anything you do or don’t do.

In conclusion, as far as being pregnant and sex is considered, you can safely have sex during pregnancy in most cases. However, it is always wise to consult with your doctor before you start having intercourse. In case you are not comfortable, while you always heard from friends that sex is great during pregnancy, don’t worry. Every pregnancy is unique and what works for others may not work for you.

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