Pregnancy Health and Care

Pregnancy Health and Care articles for pregnant women. If you will be new mommy you should read pregnancy health and care because they have a lot of knowledge for you. This is the guideline that you should avoid and you have to do when you pregnant. has pregnancy health and care daily article for you. Please subscribe us to receive new article everyday. Regard! Katherine :D

Why Alcohol is Dangerous for Pregnant Woman?

Influence of alcohol on the organism of pregnant woman and her baby-to-be is one of the most dangerous, especially in the first stages of pregnancy. To fall into woman’s body, alcohol disintegrates chemically to a several compounds

Addicted to Drugs During Pregnancy

For pregnant woman is very important to lead a healthy life. It’s necessary to except anything that can harm her or her baby. To be a drug addicted for pregnant woman may harm not even the woman’s

Best Food To Eat When Pregnant

Pregnant ladies need all the necessary nutrients for her and her baby. There is a big change in a woman’s diet during her pregnancy. Many foods are taken in consideration for a healthy pregnancy and you really

Smoking During Pregnancy

What you need to know about smoking during pregnancy: Well-known that smoking harms pregnant woman’s health and also the future baby’s organism. Why does smoking during pregnancy have such deleterious effect? The answer is simple. When you

Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

Sometimes, sad thoughts about your body can be a result of emotional stress. Because of pregnancy your hormones can become of the intensive mood’s swings result. Sometimes you may feel a little bit upset and usually women

Your Pragnancy Body`s changes

During pregnancy, the body appearance is disquieting many women. Why do some women adore their pregnant bodies, but others hate them and feel ashamed themselves? We offer you some good ideas how to accept your body as

Sex in Pregnancy

Not because it is Pregnant you will have to give up to take pleasure in sex with your partner, do not you? So know that sexual relations are released during pregnancy unless your doctor forbids for some

Exercises in Pregnancy – Physical Activities

Some of the most common questions when it comes to physical activity and exercise in Pregnancy are: “I always exerted myself. Can I still do gymnastics now I’m Pregnant?” “Before I did not exercise, but now I’m

Skin and Hair in Pregnancy

You want to keep it beautiful and healthy in Pregnancy, can not neglect the skin and hair, as several factors combined to produce enough hormones affect these body parts. The skin should receive increased attention! The pregnancy

Diet in Pregnancy

So you’re an expectant mother and worry about your health and the baby, want to keep beautiful, and fit knowing how to take care of food during the Pregnancy, right? Well, know that it is not easy